March 7, 2011

Trending Now: South Philadelphia IKEA

This weekend’s Modern Love was about the SS United States, the aging luxury liner that’s been docked in South Philadelphia since 1996. It wasn’t about a person who wanted to marry the ship, unfortunately, but let’s check out the lede anyway:

IF harried shoppers eating Swedish meatballs at the Ikea in South Philadelphia ever look out the windows of the cafeteria toward the water, the first thing they will see is a gorgeous and desolate ship, the length of three football fields. My ex-boyfriend, Steven, got a book deal to write a social history of that ship.

Why the Ikea1 reference? Well, the ship is right near the place, and using Ikea is classier than Walmart or Best Buy, two other stores near the place. But no matter. A quick Google search (sorry, but it was easy) led me to the blog of the ex-boyfriend, Steven. I swear to God this is the lede on the top post on his blog:

This afternoon, at a reception at the South Philadelphia IKEA cafe, the ocean liner SS United States became the property of the SS United States Conservancy. According to the terms of the $5.8 million grant from philanthropist H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest, the nonprofit group now has 20 months to raise the funds needed to redevelop the ship as a stationary attraction, most likely either in New York or Philadelphia.

Aww, they both wrote about the Ikea! You can tell they used to date.

1 When I was little, we had Ikea furniture delivered to our house. My mom says I said this to one of the delivery men as they left: “Goodbye, Mr. Ikea!”