January 4, 2013

Sarah and I were watching Jeopardy! before quizzo last night. What caught our eye was not the show but this commercial for Jackson Twenty-One, a place “designed for really nice people who love sports and love the arts.” We were still talking about it when we got to the bar. A friend on another team overheard: “Are you talking about that commercial that’s been on Jeopardy!?” Clearly, Mitch Leigh’s Jackson Twenty-One ad is the biggest hit of this week’s broadcasts.

Turns out that poster in the background isn’t a prop: Leigh won a Tony for composing Man of La Mancha! He also directed the 1985 revival of The King and I with Yul Brynner. According to Wikipedia, he wrote the “Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee" jingle. Good credentials.

On the website, Jackson 21, which is right next to Great Adventure, appears to be some amalgamation of Le Corbusier and Walt Disney: “A very special place where really nice people can live, work and have fun. Where you can choose from all kinds of new neighborhoods and quality apartments and houses. And best of all, where creativity, excitement, sports, shopping, dining and beautiful open spaces are all within walking distance!”

Except for the nice people part, that kind of sounds like Philadelphia. I wish Mitch Leigh the best with his project, but I wouldn’t want to be around that many nice people.