February 17, 2013

Friday night I watched some of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, which featured about as many former and current players as it did celebrities. (Also: Secretary of Education Arne Duncan! My dad says he thinks Obama will play in one of these games once he’s done being president, which we both agree would be awesome.)

An early game highlight was Peeta Mellark banking in a set-shot three pointer. But Josh Hutcherson was also being abused by Philadelphia’s own Kevin Hart on the defensive end, with Hart taking something like 4 of the East’s first 6 shots.

After this drive here, Bruce Bowen decided to talk some trash. Obviously the former NBA defensive stalwart (and ex-Sixer, for a season) would be a great trash talker, but his game exceeded my expectations.

"You think you’re tough now, huh? That’s Philly. What part of Philly you from? You from Lower Merion."

What great trash talk! Digging a guy who won’t pass by comparing him to Kobe Bryant. He can’t even get mad since Kobe’s an NBA legend! I’d never heard this before, but then again I don’t take too many shots in pick-up basketball. (I have more of a Bruce Bowen defend-and-hack game, though I’m deadly from 15 feet when no one is within 15 feet of me.) But I’m totally going to use it when someone’s gunning so much they demand a comparison to Kobe Bryant.

Kevin Hart knew what he was doing, obviously, since he was named MVP of the game for the second straight year despite scoring only five points. Being the biggest non-athlete celebrity on the court might have helped. Sorry, Arne Duncan.